What I am

I love things money can't buy. That means skills, knowledge, unfair-advantage. My friends say I am arrogant enough to be the humblest person in the room. I'm quickly tired (translated: lazy). I don't want to be anybody. I am just someone, who learns from anybody else. Usually the stupidest in the room. Often the youngest in my game. Most awful, miserable grower. Automate boring PR stuff. Hate phone calls. Work hard in working smarter. So much important things to do, so little time. Let's add value together, have fun. Live !
Work Smart (Hopefully)

Active Quests

Only 2 things in life:


Me? I Play The Game.


What I do

Many won't care what I think or what I do, but maybe you do..?

Not because you want to be like me, but because we have shown you that we can do exactly as what we said we would.

Easy does it.

If it's not easy, you're doing it wrong.

Praxis Initiative
Do you care of the world..? I do.
I know full well you can only start caring once you can make self-conscious decision towards emergence in learning. We discuss and teach practical wisdom.
Things that work and proven since the dawn of civilization. Nothing more, nothing less.
KAAGE Indonesia
Simple Food Done Right.
One delight: Authentic Japanese Karaage.
Secret Recipe&Sauce Mix by my bro Chef Kevin.
Cater freshly make-to-order Authentic Japanese Karaage on to-go basis since 2017.
First franchise will go online Q2 2020.
Stock Trading
Duh, It's 2020. Part-time swing trader. I learn more to invest, not earn more to invest. After all, we invest to earn more so we can have more time to learn more. Are you 2nd generation..? Then think like one. Act like one.

Things Worthy of My Attention

You still have things to lose..?
If yes, then work on it.
If no, finally ! We can talk the same stuff.
One, Two, Three !


Meetup? Catch up..?

Whatever, we gonna do what we gonna do.

Franky Kurniawan
Franky Kurniawan

Decision Maker

Perfectionist. Judge, so you are well aware of the odds of something getting done versus odds of nothing getting done.

Kevin Kurniawan
Kevin Kurniawan

Founder. KAAGE.Indonesia

Culinary. Food. Pisces.


Business Manager. KAAGE.Indonesia

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    Cordilleran Terrane, Canada Jakarta Flood Capital City, Indonesia
    E-mail: frk.kurniawan@praxisociety.com Phone: Didn't I tell you I hate phone calls..?

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